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Buy Groowiki

We are good at developing and not that good at marketing. We tried to sell Groowiki with different editions for two years without much success. Therefore we decided to give it free for an extended period of time.

Get Groowiki 100users license free of charge

You can download and use Groowiki free of charge, without any license code up to 25 named users.

If you have more than 25 users, drop us a mail and we will send you a complimentary license that will let you use Groowiki up to 100 named users. This is a limited time offer. The 100-user license will have some price tag attached to it if we succeed. (If not we will close this business, or else the business will close us.)

If you need more than 100 named user installation, please contact us. In this case you will most probably need consultation services from us, and if we can make the deal you will get the licenses at a good price. (perhaps free.)

As soon as possible we will continue to offer automated online license purchase possibility just as it was available for earlier versions.

Those having professional, enterprise or ASP licenses to any earlier versions of Groowiki are eligible for unlimited user licenses of the version 2.0.0 plus one year license update right.

Groowiki is opensource anyway.