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Groowiki Features

Groowiki is versatile document management system, wiki, application development environment based on stable and mature technologies like svn, Lucence, Tomcat, Java, Groovy. You can use groowiki to manage your office documents, programmers development documents, or just any other documents.

Using Groowiki documents can be found based on content, meta information and transactional data can be stored together with the original document they are based on. You can easily bring documents through graphical document oriented workflow tuned to the special needs of the organization.

Since the technology is based on subversion you can use the basic SVN features utilizing any popular subversion client (TortoiseSVN on Windows or Verions for MAC OSX) working offline and still keeping your work in sync with the document versions on the server.

Store and retrieve documents

The most basic feature of Groowiki is that it stores your documents...

Full version control

... and it does with all the versions of your documents. This comes from the fact that groowiki uses subversion to store files.

Access Control

Access to documents is controlled by the underlying subversion server, thus you can easily select which directories are available to whom to write and read only.

Title, description and properties to each document

Groowiki adds to the basic features to subversion without limiting your use of the original functions of the repository. You can browse the repository via a clean and coincise web interface, add title and formatted description to any file or directory further easing the browse process.

Easy Installation

Installation is easy, simply deploy the WAR file available from download to any Tomcat server via the browser management interface of Tomcat.

Document Business Type

Documents can have so called business types. That will control how the document is displayed, what properoties the document should have. When a dokument having a business type is edited the defined properties and the workflow of the business type is displayed and used.

Radeox Support

For technical documentation the well known and widely used format, radeox can be used. Groowiki extended radeox adding wide range to the standard macros, thus you can easily use social widgets, extra formatting and not only the basic radeox functionality.


Formatted wiki pages are available not only for the technically oriented user. HTML format documents can be edited usin WYSIWYG editor out of the box.

Graphical Document Workflow

When a document needs specific lifecycle to process a workflow may be attached to it. The workflow can be edited graphically and executed step by step from the web interface.

Lucene indexing

The documents are indexed using the lucene indexing engine. The index can be used to search documents based on content as well as based on properties attached to the document. All major document formats are indexed.

Plugin Structure

Groowiki can also be extended and thus be used as an application platform. There is a well designed plugin struture in Groowiki that lets you write extensions in Java or in Groovy.