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Groowiki Roadmap

Groowiki is not a finished and static program. Groowiki is continously developed and is evolving.

Groowiki is versioned in an X.Y.Z format, where X is the major version number, Y is the minor verision number and Z is the bug fix number.

Note that the numbering does not follow the evolvement of the documentation. New documentation may be available any time without new program version.

The latest version is 2.0.0

The descriptions here define the different versions and the features they implement. Any specification related to a version later than the latest release is planning and may change without prior notice.


Various extensions, bug fixes and s,aller features are planned.


Access control. SOAP and REST interface to serve prorammatic use of groowiki.


You can store the SVN data on an encrypted volume and you can open and close the volume via the Web interface of Groowiki.


Groowiki swing client to perform listing and CRUD operation on local copy of the repository.


RSS feed and SNMP traps.


JMS integration.